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Sharon's Romanian mission is dream come true

SharonPlummerNew400By Sharon Shirley
2010: The President of the Norwich Chapter of Aglow International will be among the first women from the UK to represent the Christian organisation on a mission trip to Romania in September.
Single mother, Sharon Plummer (right), a Thetford YMCA Norfolk worker and Norwich Street Pastor, will realise a dream to help and inspire those living overseas when she visits the Eastern Bloc. Donations and fund-raising initiatives are being planned to finance the £650 trip scheduled for September 5-12
 “It is such an honour to be selected,” says Sharon from Attleborough, who aims to support and encourage all women to Christian faith through Aglow. 
Working at the sharp end of the community with the homeless and supporting hurting youngsters on the Norwich pavements, will prove invaluable: “I will be helping to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people, sharing my faith and raising the profile of International Aglow while working with the women who run Aglow meetings from their Romanian churches,” says Sharon who will speak about her experiences at the Norwich Aglow meeting in October in a bid to help set up a missions base in Britain. 
“I want to bring back awareness of the things we can do here to support them,” says Sharon who will be joining seven Aglow members from across the nation. “I am sure I will be a changed person on my return. The women at Aglow in Romania do not have an easy life and I think it is important to have that reminder. I am sure I will be touched by how much they give and how much they love.” 
Sharon’s opportunity comes after a life-changing few hours in Soweto when she won an all-expenses paid holiday to South Africa as a travel agent. Unmoved by the luxury, her heart was finally stirred when her tour bus broke down and she spent an unexpected two hours with the children in the poor township. “It was like a gift from heaven that awakened a dream to be involved with mission work,” says Sharon.
In her quest to realise her future goals, she adds: “I am learning to use what I have in my hand in obedience to God along life’s journey. It is giving me the experience and training necessary for my   ultimate dreams.”    
A fund-raising Auction of Promises with quiz and refreshments is being staged by City Saints in Action at 7.30pm on July 22 at Norwich Central Baptist Church. Services pledged to date include hairdressing, beauty and gardening. A member of Sharon’s church is also organising a massive 50th birthday party – instead of buying presents, guest help finance Sharon’s trip.    
For fund-raising and sponsorship support email: or telephone: 01953 454606. (Monthly Aglow International meetings, with an optional meal, are held at 7pm on the fourth Tuesday at the Norwich Holiday Inn, Ipswich Road.) 

Article printed from at 08:14 on 23 February 2020