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Tributes to Norwich Christian trio killed in crash

CrashTribute2009: Hundreds of mourners are expected at the funeral in Norwich tomorrow of three Christian men from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who had come to Norwich as refugees to escape their war-torn country, only to die in a fatal car crash on the A1, 11 days ago.
The Norwich Evening News is tonight reporting that the driver, 41-year-old Isengelo Masudi, of Bates Green, Earlham, and his nephew Vanueli Kibungu 25, of Leicester Street, Norwich, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Faustin Emidi Patachako, 47, of Doman Road, Lakenham, the older brother of Mr Kibungu, was sitting in the back of the car and suffered broken legs in the accident. He died later in hospital.

Two children aged 10 and 13, who were part of the men's extended family and were travelling in the back of the car, suffered broken legs but are now out of hospital.

Sue Gee, lead officer of the Gateway Programme, which brought the men to Norwich, said she had spoken to families who had been left “deeply shocked and upset by the tragedy”.

Ms Gee told the Evening News: “The family of Masudi will continue to remember him as a man of God and loving father. Sharon and the children believe that God has called him home and that they will see him in heaven.”

Ms Gee said of Faustin: “The family will continue to remember the man of God and loving father that they knew.

“Vanueli was still a single man, having left his parents in Tanzania. Vanueli made a lot of friends in a short period of time; he was fluent in English and a very charming young man.”

A joint funeral is being held at Chapelfield Road Methodist Church at 11.30am tomorrow, July 29 and will be led by Pastor Paddy Venner of Earlham Christian Centre, where Masudi’s family attended, and also by Pastor Israel of the local Congalese church. The service is expected to be attended by hundreds of mourners from all over the country and will have a strong African traditional flavour to it.


., 28/07/2009

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