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Joel reveals agenda for change in Norwich

2008: JoelEdwardsOne of the UK’s most influential church leaders revealed his Agenda for Change in Norwich last night.
The Rev Joel Edwards, outgoing General Director of the Evangelical Alliance, was at Kings Community Church in King’s Street, Norwich last night (May 7) outlining a new vision for evangelicals, as described in his new book, An Agenda For Change.
“Evangelicals must re-imagine themselves as good news people and ask what that should look and feel like in the world today,” he said. “And people should recognise us as good news citizens who are integral to our communities and the public square. I am challenging people to be part of the change that they want to see.”
Joel, who will be leaving the Alliance in September after 20 years service, said Christians are not called to tip-toe through the 21st century, but to transform society by presenting Christ credibly to the culture.
He added: “This isn’t about me talking at people. It’s about inviting Christians up and down the country to join the beginning of a conversation. It’s about them coming together to lay the foundations for the long term, strategic, transformation of society.
“I am hoping this short book gets picked up by Christians everywhere who wish to be part of the great unfolding Christian story – the story of the church sent out to advance the kingdom of God, not with a defensive posture, but as servants of transforming good news.”
More about Joel’s book and the tour can be found at

Article printed from at 17:09 on 26 January 2020