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Service to mark miracle escape from living hell

2008: IllumineeWebIlluminée Nganemariya, a Rwandan Genocide survivor, who now lives in Norwich, is organising a special memorial service at Bowthorpe Church to mark the 14th anniversary of the start of the Genocide. She is also offering to visit local churches to tell her story.
Fourteen years ago Rwanda’s Hutu ‘Power’ extremists attempted to wipe their Tutsi compatriots from the face of the earth. Any moderate Hutus who stood in their way were also engulfed in this holocaust.
Friend murdered friend, slashing and cutting with machetes and spears. ‘Lucky’ victims paid for a quicker despatch, courtesy of a bullet to the head. In little more than three months, from April 6 to July 4, 1994, some 800,000 people were murdered.
Illuminée, her son Roger and co-writer Paul Dickson will be pleased to visit churches in Norfolk to speak about the book and Illuminée’s experiences in the Genocide. They are very happy to talk as part of fundraising events for Africa, at special gatherings and during church services.
The Rwandan memorial service, to which all are welcome, takes place at Bowthorpe Church Centre, Bowthorpe Hall Road, Bowthorpe, Norwich NR6 9AA, on Saturday April 5, at 11.30am.
Miracle in Kigali, The Rwandan Genocide – a survivor’s journey, Illuminée Nganemariya with Paul Dickson, price £10.99, is published by The Tagman Press, tel 0845 644 4186.

Contact Paul Dickson on 01603 666011, mobile 07801 103737 email
Pictured above are Illuminee and Roger.


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