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Invite as Pioneer practice tour comes to Norwich

Come and spark your imagination at a training session in Norwich on July 9 with Jonny Baker talking about current pioneer mission practice in the UK.

Event details

Pioneer Practice Tour
Jonny Baker, Britain Hub Mission Director for the Church Mission Society
Saturday 9 July 2022,10:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Weston Room, Norwich Cathedral, 65 The Close, Norwich, NR1 4DH
Cost: £11.37

Jonny says: "Pioneer Practice is for those who long for and dream of a better world and who want to do something about it. Its focus is practice — how pioneering happens on the ground. A pioneer sees something — a possibility, an idea, a way that things could be better or new or different, and then they make something happen out of what they see. Pioneers aren’t just dreamers; they’re dreamers who do.
"A question I have asked in every location on the Pioneer Practice tour is whether pioneering is a gift or something learned. I wonder what you think? Of course, in some ways it is an unfair question as it is not really one or the other! I used to think of it as a gift - in fact I edited a book called The Pioneer Gift. However, I think now I lean more towards thinking it something that can be learned. In that respect it’s a practice.

"If you think of other practices like playing a musical instrument or being a potter say, they are not gifts that fall out of the sky even though we describe people as gifted. They are learned through practice and by being with and learning from others who have developed the practice well. This seems to me a hopeful thought because pioneering is then not the preserve of a gifted few but something open to many in the Church who have the desire or courage to notice possibilities for joining in with what God is doing in their neighbourhood and joining in; or put another way to develop pioneer practice.
"Come and join the day in Norwich which will be a mix of stories, music, poetry, interactive discussion all exploring four themes of pioneer practice. And hopefully you will find your imagination sparked," said Jonny.
To Book a place for the Pioneer Practice Tour: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pioneer-practice-tour-east-anglia-tickets-348022443497
Information about the Book Tour: https://www.getsidetracked.co/
More about Jonny: https://churchmissionsociety.org/senior-leadership-team/jonny-baker/

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