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GreyAreasAfter a general hiaitus in posting after the festive season, the Norwich bloggers got going again by mid January on a variety of grey area topics. One of those hotly debated was on gay adpotion reports Network Norwich blog-watcher Heather Cracknell.
The story of the Government not allowing Christian adoption agencies exemption from placing children with same sex couples has stimulated soul-searching and examination of the 'grey areas' contemporary Christians face daily in our secular society.
The usually (self-labelled) conservative Benvolio wonders whether its “more sympathetic to let a child have the genuine love and care of a same sex parentage than to leave its upbringing to a state children's home, or even the risk of them escaping to the streets”, and Monty agrees: “I would rather a child was handed over to a loving set of people that had nothing more in their intentions but to raise a child lovingly, caringly and thoughtfully than be handed over to a care home / foster homes or in fact, a series of them.”“
There seem to be two issues raised in this debate, the first being the Christian response to a secular society and the potential impact our statements and policy decisions have on the way God is viewed by the world. The second is the possible hypocrisy of differentiating between sins and elevating homosexuality above others in the sin 'rankings'.
On the first point Carlos states: “Here's the crux of the matter. If you're going to be a Christian (Catholic or otherwise) in today's UK society - where most people aren't Christians - then you're going to have to put up with the fact that most people's moral beliefs do not match your own. You don't have to like it - but, sometimes, you do have to hold your tongue... After all, if you're a Christian providing a public service, aren't you supposed to be expressing God's immense and unconditional love?”
However, he goes on to say that “Liberalists seem only to be interested in allowing religious freedom when it doesn't contradict the opinions of the masses, and I can't see a justification for this. In fact, I think it has a name: tyranny of the majority.” Joolian adds that “in many ways I want the church to stand up for itself while the world apparently run roughshod over it,” and Tarkmiddy feels that “there's a fine line between loving your neighbour and letting your faith and its views become compromised because of theirs.”
On the second point, Helsalata joins the debate in the comments section: “We live in a broken world. By saying that gay couples can't adopt because they live a sinful life, you are denying that heterosexual couples live a sinful life... Sin is sin in the eyes of God. Tax fraud, pilfering from work, bitchiness and sexual sin are all equal to God.” Carlos is equally critical: “I wonder if Catholic adoption agencies are prone to question couples about whether they lie, steal, have pre-marital sex or covet their neighbour's ass?”
You can join the debate at any of the blogs linked above, or why not comment on this article to discuss the issues raised here? All are welcome in the blogosphere!
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