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Invite as Newday youth festival is back in Norfolk 

Church leaders and youth workers across Norfolk are being invited to attend the Newday Christian festival for young people aged 11-19 years, taking place near Norwich from August 1 to 5, to see what is happening.

Since launching in 2004, Newday festival now welcomes more than 6,000 young people each year to the Royal Norfolk Showground. The programme ranges from key Christian speakers, to live worship, social activities and plenty of fun. Each year hundreds of young people make a first time response to the gospel and commit their lives to following Jesus. And every year, the festival has a profound effect on young people’s lives, as they’re inspired to share their faith, shape the communities around them and strengthen their relationship with God.

In addition to regular seminars and meetings, there are cafés to meet-up and chill out in, a busy concourse area, sports teams, live music, workshops, prayer zone and even a skate park.

Sue Parker from the Newday team said: “Newday is set to be in Norwich for the foreseeable future and we would like as many churches as possible to benefit from access to using this resource to reach young people. Each year we have more and more young people who are not used to a church environment coming along to be touched by God. Churches from various streams including Anglican, Methodist, RCCG, Baptist, Salvation Army and Free Charismatic to name but a few, all bring youth to Newday and get to know others from their localities.”

“We’ve had the privilege of seeing God do some incredible things in young people’s lives over the years: decisions to follow Christ, physical healings, deep hurts healed, questions answered, situations transformed, and lives equipped to live fully for Him. We believe that when God grabs hold of a young person’s life, they have the potential to change the world. We call them our Newday Heroes. Simply put, these young people are our future.

"The next generation taking the message of Jesus to the world: fathers, mothers, church planters, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, policy shapers, movement makers, and courageous life givers. Imagine what can happen when a generation of young people find their purpose in God and become an integral part of something bigger. A generation equipped and a nation transformed.”

If you would like to know more, you are invited to come to visit the site and meet the team before bringing a youth group in the future. An open day during the festival is being held on Thursday  August 4 with a reception from 2pm for questions and answers.
To book a day visit or for more details, please contact Sue Parker on 07906837337 or at sue@newdaygeneration.org. You cannot just turn up on site due to the Child Protection Policy.

You can see a taste at: newdaygeneration.org

Pictured is a previous Newday event at the Royal Norfolk Showground.

Keith Morris, 21/07/2022

Keith Morris
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