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Fiona Chalk Hill House (1)Pregnancy loss charity moves to new hub 

Norfolk based pregnancy loss charity TimeNorfolk has moved to new premises in Norwich. Directors Fiona and Tim Gosden look forward to welcoming clients to the new hub this month.

The centrally located hub at Chalkhill House on Rosary Road has four counselling rooms allowing for TimeNorfolk’s dedicated volunteer practitioners and staff to deliver over 40 sessions a week to women and men struggling with their mental health.

Director Fiona Gosden said, “We’ve seen another increase in the number of people requesting support following pregnancy loss this year. Our new Norwich hub goes some way to addressing this increase and ensuring that everyone has access to the support they need.”

TimeNorfolk provides free counselling support to anyone who has had a pregnancy loss, unplanned pregnancy or challenging pregnancy experience.

“We believe that every story deserves to be heard. We provide a safe space for our clients to share their experiences, experience genuine empathy and acceptance as they journey towards hope. We would like to thank those who have donated to the work of TimeNorfolk and have helped us grow as a charity."

Particular thanks goes to Norwich Consolidated Charities and The Preachers charity whose grants have helped to make this move possible and also to Birketts for providing their services free of charge.

You can get in touch with TimeNorfolk to request support via their website.
If you would like to donate to the work of TimeNorfolk you can do so via their justgiving page:


What TimeNorfolk's clients say

  • It was a space every week for me to talk about how I’d been, the emotions and difficulties that I’d been facing
  • Thank you so much for the incredible support I was given - it has made such a significant difference in my life, and allowed me the time and space to process my loss and help me feel brave enough to hope again.


During 2020 there were 2638 babies stillborn, an estimated 1 in 5 pregnancies ended in miscarriage and there were 1719 neonatal deaths in the UK. 1 in 3 women will have a termination before the age of 45. Over 20,000 expectant parents a year are told that their baby may have a genetic or structural condition.

Pictured: Fiona outside the new hub

Helen Baldry, 02/07/2022

Helen Baldry
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