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Norwich Foodbank gives energy for a cup of tea 

In response to soaring energy prices, Norwich Foodbank is supporting people through one-off payments towards gas and electricity.

Hannah Worsley, project manager of Norwich Foodbank, said: “One lady told me that even if we paid £10 for her metre the family would still be in debt on electricity. Even with the top-up she was still not going to have anything. 

“I changed it to £15 and she was so relieved because it meant she could have a cup of tea. She was not even able to do something that simple." 

Meanwhile the latest figures from Norwich Foodbank show that between 600 and 700 people a month are now in need of emergency parcels in the city.

The Trussell Trust foodbank has also been supporting a handful of Ukrainian families since Russia launched its invasion. 

Hannah Worsley said: "We had an example where a Ukrainian lady came in with her child who was two or three years old. She did not speak any English, so she wrote in translation on her phone 'I am so sorry I am here. I will get some money as soon as possible. At the moment I am on childcare'."  

There are a total of 180 volunteers at the foodbank which ranges from older part-time workers to students and those whose are retired. 

Quotations from EDP. Pictured above is Norwich foodbank project manager Hannah Worsley.

Eldred Willey, 29/06/2022

Published: 29/06/2022
Eldred Willey