First chance to read Summer Good News paper

The Summer edition of popular Christian newspaper Good News for Norwich & Norfolk, containing stories from across the local Christian community, has just been published online.

The latest edition of the free local Christian tabloid will be delivered to churches, Christian organisations and foodbanks across Norwich and Norfolk in the next couple of days.

Churches are being asked to deliver any spare copies to homes near their building if they will not all be used by church members.

It will also be reprinted inside the Norwich Evening News on Monday July July 4. 

You can view it online by clicking here

You can read all about a Norfolk man's 20-year slavery battle which has been honoured by the Queen and the fulfilment of a Norwich woman's African dream.

There is also a review of Delia Smith's book about spirituality, the universe and why every human matters. 

You can read about Norfolk Christian musician Roger Mayor and his final album as he face the late stages of terminal cancer.

If you do not normally receive copies but would like a number of free copies to distribute at your church or group, please ring Alan Lusher on 07743 926884.  

Download the latest e-edition of Good News for Norwich & Norfolk by clicking here

The newspaper is supplied free of charge in both digital and print format but the cost of producing and printing it is considerable. If you would like to make a donation to help cover the cost, you can make a one-off or monthly donation here. Your support would be very much appreciated and help us to go on producing the paper into the future.


Published: 29/06/2022