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Norwich Christian charity tackles food poverty

Norwich charity ENYP will be setting up three social supermarkets in Norwich to help alleviate long term food poverty. On Sunday April 17, recognising school holidays as a difficult time financially for families, they will be distributing food parcels along with an Easter egg hunt.

Many households are facing financial challenge; rising food bills, increase in energy costs, rising fuel costs, and more recently the impact for families during the Easter school holidays with the withdrawal of support to those who would usually receive help with meals.  

ENYP’s Picnic project significantly expanded during the Covid pandemic to offer fresh food deliveries to those suffering from food poverty, however, the charity was aware that this wasn't an adequate long term response. 

In the near future ENYP will be opening up three new social supermarkets supporting families and individuals with a range of low cost affordable food options to support their household needs. Working in partnership with local councils, supermarkets and businesses, and funded by Norfolk Community Foundation’s Nourishing Norfolk initiative, these social supermarkets will have a longer term strategy of addressing some of the underlying causes of food poverty.

The social supermarkets will be based in West, Central and North Norwich, and we will be shortly advertising for key roles within these new initiatives. 
Director of ENYP, Rev Danny Doran-Smith said, “Social supermarkets give people dignity of choice in selecting their own food produce and with the schemes designed to reduce food shopping bills, they enable tight household budgets to go even further. This we see as being very important in this coming season as well as the social benefits people receive. We are now in a crucial time and providing a longer term response to tackling food poverty and offering support to families is paramount."

"We also know that for many households in receipt of free school meals, the impact of the school holiday season has been very difficult over the last couple of weeks and so on Easter Sunday we’re giving the opportunity for people to come and get some food parcels and for children to participate in an Easter egg hunt.” 

For more information on ENYP's new social supermarkets and to join the easter egg hunt please email or phone 07599 544038. 

Helen Baldry, 15/04/2022

Helen Baldry
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