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Sister Wendy gives a voice to Julian of Norwich

A recording of Sister Wendy Beckett reading Julian of Norwich's Revelations of Divine Love has been released to the public 28 years after it was first made.

Sister Wendy created the recording in 1993, but it has only recently been released as an audio CD.

Donna K. Triggs, the publisher who originally worked with Sister Wendy to create the master recording said: "Sister Wendy made a great impression on me. I am so excited to finally share, in a small way, my experience of getting to know her all that time ago.
“When we finally got hold of the tape again there was a fear it might be suffering from 'Sticky Shed Syndrome'. Luckily my sound engineer was able to do an amazing job of restoring the old analogue tape and Sister Wendy's voice remains as clear and joyful as it was the day I first heard her read Julian's words."
Sister Wendy said at the time: "When I was at Oxford, I studied Julian in the original and it made a great impression on me. My copy was a very small leather-bound book, and it had the lovely smell of sandalwood that old books sometimes have. Julian is forever associated in my mind with sandalwood and I hope that a sandalwood smell comes across in the recording.

Sister Wendy Beckett (1930-2018) became a household name when she presented a series of television programmes for the BBC on Art History. She is the author of over 15 books. She spent the latter part of her life living in seclusion in a Carmelite Monastery in Norfolk.

Revelations of Divine Love by Dame Julian of Norwich (1343-after 1416) is the earliest surviving book in English written by a woman and is considered a devotional classic. This audio version was adapted for Sister Wendy by Donna K. Triggs from a translation by M L Del Mastro.

Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich read by Sister Wendy Beckett Audio CD (ISBN 9781527281189) is available in Jarrolds in Norwich at £16.99, from the Friends of Julian of Norwich and from Waterstones.

Eldred Willey, 08/12/2021

Eldred Willey
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