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Choir helps Norwich church Covid-19 reflections 

The Norwich Community Gospel Choir helped people to reflect on the Covid-19 pandemic at a concert at St Stephen’s Church in Norwich on Saturday September 28 as part of the church’s After The Storm event.

Rev Madeline Light, vicar at St Stephen’s, said: “The choir with Sam Luscombe provided a time to reflect on the pandemic. Although coming from a Christian perspective it was full of stories from people's lives. Written by the choir members and edited by Sam it  helped us remember what we had already started to forget - Stay at home. Protect the NHS and so much more.
“It provided an opportunity for people to write about the pandemic for them and if they wanted to, to leave their thoughts on the altar. Some wrote of the death of loved ones others wrote of thankfulness of not losing loved ones. This pandemic is affecting us all but it has been very different for different people.
“In both the exhibition and the concert during this event in September called After the Storm? we have been surprised at how quickly we are moving on to the next stage of living with Covid 19,” said Madeline.
This is what someone who attended the concert wrote afterwards;
What a blessing  and joy to share in the concert!
 The music and words fitted so well; I congratulate the lyricist and composer.
We were taken on a journey through the various emotions and stages of the last 20 months and it was lovely to share physically in that.
Thanks for allowing time for personal reflection and gratitude .
We will all take away special moments and build on the experiences we’ve had.
Thank you for being so welcoming and using your space for everyone freely.
Pictured is the Norwich Community Gospel Choir performing at After The Storm.

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