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Norwich church art exhibition reflects on Covid-19 

During September, seven artists from the local Norwich20 group will be exhibiting in St Stephen's church in Norwich city centre on the theme of "After the Storm? a reflection on the Covid-19 pandemic."


For St Stephen's, working with artists from the city is a completely new venture and of the various scriptures given to the organiser Frances Martin, she chose a verse from Ezekiel from the Message translation.
"As shepherds go after their flocks when they get scattered, I'm going after my sheep. I'll rescue them from all the places they've been scattered to in the storms."
St Stephen's Vicar, Rev Canon Madeline Light, said: “The exhibition is a mixture of contemporary and figurative art in a variety of media. The importance of breath is picked up by Mandy Rogers, who experienced Covid herself, other images reflect the feelings of isolation, uncertainty and then relief, in lockdown, but we are not left there as Richard Cleland reminds us in his painting that we need to have courage to launch into life again. 
“This is just a taster of the various emotions and situations that this art exhibition will reflect. There will be an interactive space where you too can express what Covid -19 has meant to you and a place to remember those who have died. The church will take the opportunity to read these art works alongside the Biblical narrative.”
Read more about the free exhibition from September 4 – 25, here.
Pictured above are paintings by Frances Martin.

Keith Morris, 19/08/2021

Keith Morris
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