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Norwich public display shows "reality of abortion" 

Norwich church volunteers joined human rights and anti-abortion campaign group the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK (CBRUK) in a graphic public display to show “the reality of abortion” in Norwich city centre.

The public education display outside Lloyds Bank on Gentlemen’s Walk in Norwich on June 18 included volunteers from New Hope Christian Centre, St Albans (STN), and Stowmarket Baptist Church.
Dave Brennan, Head of Brephos - Church Ministry at CBRUK, said: “The public education team gave those who happened to be in Norwich Market between 12 noon and 2pm the opportunity to see for themselves the wonder of life in the womb and the truth behind “abortion”, so often hidden by euphemisms. More than three babies are killed every day in Norwich.
“Teams of intercessors at New Hope and Stowmarket Baptist upheld those on the ground throughout the display, and the effects of their prayers were certainly felt,” said Dave.

“Many thoughtful conversations were had and minds changed at least to some degree. We were able to share the gospel with a number of people and even pray for one or two there and then on the streets, with others taking home a copy of John’s Gospel to read. Hundreds of others were visibly moved and challenged by the powerful visual display.”

Team member John said: "It was a real buzz to be on the front line and feel the sense of the Lord's presence in the face of opposition. Like I'd just stepped into the first chapters of the book of Acts! Knowing that people were praying for us while we were in the city centre was great."

Team member Beth said: “I was nervous before going on the streets, having never been part of a public education display before. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit gave us amazing boldness to speak on behalf of the vulnerable, and during the two hours I had a great sense of peace as we spoke out. I was amazed at how easy it was to go from discussing abortion to the gospel, asking who gives life value? Rather selfishly perhaps, being obedient to God in this way (Proverbs 31:8) greatly increased my own faith and desire to talk with more people regarding abortion and faith.”

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Pictured above is the public education display about abortion in Norwich city centre.

Keith Morris, 30/06/2021

Keith Morris

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