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The real me behind the front page news

As many of us are contemplating a new start in our lives following sixteen months of restrictions, Ruth Lilley is suggesting that renewing our attempts to be open and honest will benefit both ourselves and the people we meet.

There have been a lot of front-page news stories over the last few months. Headlines that have had a massive impact on our daily lives. Stories that we did not expect to be reading.
I, too, sell a story - a front page. At times I would prefer that people did not know how I am truly feeling so I choose to hide my struggles and my mess. Instead, I put on a brave face and show everyone else that I am OK. I smile and make sure I do not let anyone past the surface - my front-page news. I want people to like me so I will put on a show and be what I think they want me to be!
STOP THE PRESS! I am going to change my headline, rather than trying to spin a story, I am choosing honesty. 
With every sun comes an opportunity to change my thinking and as I do this, I am learning that honesty can change things. Vulnerability and openness may provide comfort to others. I do not necessarily believe that I need to share all my news to all people - However, is that one person, in that one moment, in need of me letting my guard down so they can share too?
Life can be hard! Life can be a struggle and I am discovering that I do not need to hide this away. I am not perfect, far from it in fact, and I no longer wish for anyone to think that I am. 
My front page involves messing up, saying the wrong thing, and thinking things I should not. My front page also talks about love, shared moments, and laughter. Life is a bit of a mix of the good and the not so good - I am choosing to be real and I hope my front page is beginning to reflect that choice. 
I am finding that sharing enables others to share and then we can support one another. I believe I was put where I am for a purpose, and if I pretend to others around me, how is that of benefit or help? 
Jesus was real, He reached out to those around Him, and He made a difference. Jesus touched the lives of the people He met and left them changed. 
This new day, I hope I can be bold and choose not to hide myself from the people I meet. Today, I would like to sell a new story, one that reads true. 
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ruth starkings 150CFRuth Lilley has recently returned to teaching at an infant school in Norwich. She also enjoys writing, and writes a regular blog called ‘With Every Sun Comes A New Day.’


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