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Norfolk science-faith lecture on 'dying well' 

Professor John Wyatt will give the next Norfolk Science-Faith lecture on the ethical guidelines for palliative care, based on issues raised by the coronavirus pandemic. The lecture and discussion will be online on June 7.

The catastrophic impact of Covid-19 has transformed the workings of human society all over the world. In its impact upon life’s ending, the coronavirus has been at its most brutal. We have had to endure digital goodbyes, solitary grieving and funerals with just a handful of masked mourners.

Doctors, nurses, care-workers and many other front-line workers have been forced to deal with life and death issues far outside their normal experience. The struggle has been both physically intense and emotionally bewildering. In these perplexing times, what are the ethical guidelines for palliative care?

Professor John Wyatt will give an on-line lecture on Monday 7th June from 7.30 – 8.45 pm. His title is “Dying well: Palliative care and the coronavirus pandemic”. The talk will be suitable for a non-specialist audience and there will be an opportunity for some on-line discussion. For the link, contact sfnorfolk1@gmail.com

The speaker will describe recent medical advances in palliative care for the sick and dying. He will also examine the 'art of dying' as a Christian tradition from the past. In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, he will outline opportunities for dying well and faithfully, and he will provide real-world examples of personal growth and instances of reconciliation and personal healing in relationships. 

John Wyatt is a doctor, author, speaker and research scientist. At University College London, he is Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics, Ethics and Perinatology. In his previous role as a consultant, he specialised in the treatment of brain damage in new-born infants. As a senior researcher at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge, he is currently engaged in addressing the ethical, philosophical and theological challenges raised by recent advances in artificial intelligence. His books on medical ethics include “Dying Well” (2018); “Right to Die” (2015); and “Matters of Life and Death” (2009). A new book “The Robot Will See You Now”, on Christian responses to the challenges of AI, will be published in July 2021.

For the link, contact sfnorfolk1@gmail.com. All are welcome – of all faiths and none. The event is organised by Science and Faith in Norfolk (SFN), a Norwich-based group affiliated to Christians in Science. It aims to explore the broad interface between science, faith and social responsibility.

Event details

Title: Dying well: palliative care and the coronavirus pandemic

Speaker: Professor John Wyatt (University College, London, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge)

Date: Monday 7th June, 7.30 – 8.45 pm 

Format: Online Meeting with Discussion

email sfnorfolk1@gmail.com to request the online link

Visit the Science Faith Norfolk website

Photo of Prof John Wyatt courtesy of Norwich Cathedral by Bill Smith

Helen Baldry, 25/05/2021

Helen Baldry

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