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Hear how climate is changing lives in Ethiopia 

Norfolk Christian Aid supporter Richard Stainer is fulfilling his promise to climate-affected villagers in Ethiopia next week when he will be telling their stories to whoever will listen.

Prior to lockdown, Richard travelled to remote communities in Ethiopia and listened to people who shared their stories about how their lives have changed as the climate and seasons have changed. He promised to share their stories on their return.
On Tuesday April 13 at 7pm there will be an opportunity to listen to Richard via Zoom as he recounts what people said and how Christian Aid’s Ethiopian workers are offering support. Richard has images to share too.
Luke Harman, Christian Aid’s UK Campaigns and Activism Manager will be explaining how it is possible to make a difference through campaigning in this special year. Luke has led Christian Aid campaigns ranging from climate, debt relief and tax avoidance.
Julian Bryant, Christian Aid’s Norfolk East Anglia Engagement Officer, who is facilitating the meeting, said: “People in Ethiopia are currently facing many challenges including conflict, coronavirus and the climate crisis. The situation in many communities is desperate with people having to walk all day to get a bucket of water.
“We made a promise to people in Ethiopia that we would share what we heard. This will be an opportunity to hear and what dramatic impact the climate crisis is having as well as what can be done to try and address this. This year the UK is hosting key international meetings concerning climate including COP26 and we can make a difference. You are warmly invited to take part.”

For a Zoom invitation please contact Julian Bryant on jbryant@christian-aid.org
Pictured above, villagers in Kalenda in Ethiopia accessing water.

Keith Morris, 07/04/2021

Keith Morris

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