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Healing Rooms on the move says Norfolk's Ray 

Norfolk minister Rev Ray Scorey has recently published his first book - a how-to-do Mobile Healing Rooms, based on his own incredible experiences over the last decade.

With wife Ruth, also a minister, the couple have run a Healing Room (HR) from a caravan, motor home and converted van over the past ten years. The book is a distillation of their experiences and advice.
The couple, from Cromer, have travelled across both the UK to Lindisfarne and then the Scottish Borders praying for the land to heal and seeing HR ministries spring up in their wake.   An epic journey of thousands of miles across Europe followed, visiting Latvia and Venice and then onto Malta. Again new ministries have since appeared.
Mobile Healing Rooms is a front-line ministry, says Ray: “It’s where people are - in car parks, car boot sales and summer fairs. We have also found, rather by surprise, that mobile HRs have a wider-reaching objective with regards to healing the land and claiming territory for HRs. Our prayer is that you too capture a vision for this ministry and see where it takes you.”
The first-ever mobile HR was in a caravan outside the Forum in Norwich during the Celebrate Norwich & Norfolk Christian festival in 2010. Since then lives have been saved, many people have become Christians, bodies healed and minds restored including a man who was preparing to kill himself and a prostitute who wanted to escape her lifestyle.
Ray gives ideas on where you can park up your mobile HR – in a church yard, or car park or car boot sale (all with permission of course).
“We do mobile HRs with smiling faces, relaxed clothes and a welcoming team sitting at a table and chairs, offering drinks to those we minister to,” explains Ray. Practicalities and lots of prayer proceed every trip, with words of knowledge collected up to a week in advance.
Strategic prayer around a local area is included, preparing the ground. Intercession also goes on by a separate team either on or off site before, during and after a visit.
 “Confidence in God is everything and that is what forms our firm foundation – like anything the more you do it the better you get at it,” says Ray.
“Free prayer for body, mind and spirit” is advertised on A-boards outside the mobile home. The team will pray for people in need of healing - be it physical, mental, spiritual or relational. Advice on  responding to questions and ways to approach issues is given, along with loads of real-life examples to inspire and encourage you.
Anyone can do this kind of ministry asserts Ray, but first you need to be a Spirit-filled Christian, go through training and be apprenticed into the HR “traffic-light” system of then getting involved. Teams of two or three can work inside or outside the mobile HR – but the more people the better.
Healing is not always apparent, apart from instant miracles, and healing generally is a process. If no-one turns up prayer is still said for the team, the ministry and the needs of the local area. Advice on how to lead someone to Jesus is included in the book.
Ray has used various caravans as a mobile HR but recommends a proper motor home for ease of driving and manoeuvrability, and ideally one in good condition. After using it for a number of years, Ray and Ruth in fact gave away their motor home to Malta HR and bought and converted a Mercedes Sprinter van into suitable accommodation. Lots of practical information is included on vans and equipment to consider.
The book has already travelled as far as Australia, Ukraine, Germany and the USA, where a mobile HR ministry is being set up in Kentucky. Translations are in hand for Germany, Ukraine and China.
Endorsing the book, Rev Cal Pierce, International Director of Healing Rooms Ministries, said: “Ray’s manual is an amazing account of how to bring healing to cities and communities. I believe this book will inspire others to take their healing room on the road and the stories of people being saved and healed shows the fruit that can come.”
How To Do Mobile Healing Rooms by Ray Scorey. To receive a copy contact Ray on 07900 341287 or at: ray.scorey@healingrooms.org.uk
Pictured above Ray and Ruth Scorey outside their Mobile Healing Room at the Celebrate Norfolk event in Norwich in 2014.

Keith Morris, 11/02/2021

Keith Morris
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