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Two fresh courses begin at The Way of the Spirit  

The Way of the Spirit is launching two new Zoom courses, on Revelation and teaching the Bible. Richard George explains.

We will soon begin a series, one hour per week, going through the book of Revelation. This will be a wonderful follow-on to John’s Gospel: the apocalypse John himself later recorded following his encounter with the risen glorified Jesus on the island of Patmos. 

This is the only book in the New Testament to have such prophetic content, a fitting end to the canon of scripture but also pulling together strands of prophetic and apocalyptic content from the whole Bible. It was intended to be, amongst other things, an encouragement to the persecuted Christians at the time, and it fills the careful reader with hope and joy as to what lies ahead.

Watch the web site for the launch date. 

Secondly, the Advanced prophetic Bible teaching training recommences on February 24. It will be run by myself and a team of great and anointed teachers from around the UK. This is a vital course for any who have already done the part-time initial course. It is also open to any who have completed it previously who may wish to join in again, get stirred up and refreshed.

Please apply through the web site.

The course will demonstrate prophetic Bible teaching, often through teaching a gospel or part of a gospel, highlighting the personal prophetic ministry of Jesus and the pioneering nature of his walk. This is applied to our own lives and ministries. 

Principles of spiritual authority are taught, as they relate to our teaching ‘with authority’. There is further exploration of certain aspects of When the Veil is Taken Away and Movements of the Spirit. In particular the concept and practise of ‘shared experience’ is explored further. The course will be made up of teaching, seminars and practising skills. The necessity and application of faith and obedience continues through this course, as do other themes you will have begun to grasp in your initial part-time course. 

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Eldred Willey, 09/02/2021

Eldred Willey
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