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Hidden Norwich church discovered by thousands 

The most hidden and unknown chapel in Norwich is being discovered by thousands who are tuning in to online talks, while the sermons can be enjoyed in-person at covid-safe services on Sunday afternoons.

The Old Meeting House Congregational Chapel in Colegate, Norwich is believed to be the oldest in the UK,  first gathered in 1643 by the Puritan William Bridge, is considered to be one of the deep spiritual wells in the UK.

Whilst many churches are closed and are only having Zoom services, the current Government regulations allow churches to remain open on Sundays for up to 30 people, provided they wear masks. The Old Meeting continues to hold a service every Sunday at 3pm. The pastor Dr John Clements said, "Whilst under Covid regulations we are not allowed to sing, we have done a deal with the angels and let them sing for us so we can really feel God’s presence with us!"

For those unable to attend, the weekly sermons are recorded and put up onto Facebook. Dr Clements has been totally astonished that one of his talks in December was watched by over 12,000 people. Every week thousands watch, and John is being sent encouraging letters from all over the country.

Here is an extract from one of the most recent letters: - “I was listening to your preaching on Ehud, Judges 3. The message was excellent, but it was not the word only that touched my heart, but the presence of the Lord that backed you.

I wanted to cry as you spoke, it was almost like an army of saints were standing with you and angels with swords of flaming fire, even now as I write this letter, I feel the hand of God upon it, His presence is so tangible.”

Dr Clements says that God has been doing some other amazing things from this forgotten chapel. He has enabled a history of the chapel to be published in America which is available on Amazon. "Even Covid has not stopped this from happening!" A book, to commemorate the 400th anniversary from being published in Canada last December – Pilgrims and Strangers on the Earth. John said, "Please pray that God will continue to use this ancient chapel and perhaps you might even consider coming to a service!"

Listen to John's talks on the Old Meeting House Facebook page

Click here to visit the church's website

Pictured above the pastor of the Old Meeting House Congregational Chapel Dr John Clements

Helen Baldry, 31/01/2021

Helen Baldry

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