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Church leaders invited to online training session

SOUL Church has moved its regular ‘Open Home’ event online and church leaders from the across the area are invited.

Taking place on Wednesday 18 November, the session will focus on leadership and growth during this unusual season, with breakout sessions including kids’ ministry, social justice, production and more.
Over the past six months, churches have been a lifeline to the lonely, the needy and the vulnerable. But how can we best reach out to people? How can we support them and show them Jesus’ love? How can we build community when we can’t meet face to face? The ‘Open Home’ event is designed to help answer these and many other questions, equipping church leaders for growth in this challenging year and beyond.
Pastor Jon Norman says: “We’ve made some exciting changes to this year’s Open Home gathering. Chantel and I would love to host leaders and their teams, encouraging and inspiring each other to keep taking ground as we head into 2021.”
The free online event kicks off with a session where the team will talk about what they’ve learned in 2020, before moving into breakouts for specific areas. These include Senior Pastors, Creative, Production, Operations, Youth and Young Adults, Kids and Social Justice.
Wednesday 18 November 2020
3:00 – 4:30pm online
Book here: https://soul.churchsuite.co.uk/events/dvvdtszn



Helen Baldry, 14/11/2020

Helen Baldry

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