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Norfolk social group offers Christian friendship 


Norfolk Christian Friends is a new group which enables people to meet, enjoy outings together and encourage each other. Paul Schofield shares the vision.

Last year the Lord put the need for this group on our hearts. Although there are many church fellowships in Norfolk there is sometimes not a lot of social mixing between them. Cori Williams and I felt that more social interaction between our church fellowships can benefit us all. We have been able to make new friends, encourage one another in our faith and also encourage unity between the different church fellowships we all come from. 

Norfolk Christian Friends is a Facebook based social group for Christians in Norfolk. We socialise together (currently being careful to be socially distant). Events have included walks, bowling, lunches and pub drinks. 
We are inter-denominational and the age range is 30 and upwards. Although many of us are single, everyone is welcome, and we come from all walks of life and many different church fellowships throughout Norwich and Norfolk. 
The group is here to encourage fellow believers. The Greek word for encourage, Parakaleo, means to call to one’s side, teach, strengthen and console. As we meet socially and support one another and we develop, maturing in our faith and relationship with Christ. 
Before Covid 19, a number of us enjoyed lunch out together before going for a walk and visiting the seals at the beach.   
With the challenge of Covid 19 I think it is all the more important that we come together for support, friendship, encouragement and unity as we seek to honour God and follow His will in these changing times. 
The link to the group is here: 
We are a private Facebook group, open to all, and members can see one another once they have joined. Please join us, especially if you want some non-virtual fellowship during this difficult pandemic period. 
Pictured above are Cori Williams and Paul Schofield. Paul is a member of Kings Church, Norwich and Cori attends Kingsgate Community Church in Great Yarmouth. 

Eldred Willey, 25/08/2020

Eldred Willey
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