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Norfolk alcohol abuse increase since lockdown 

New referrals to the Matthew Project due to alcohol misuse have increased since the start of lockdown. Sarah King reports from the Christian charity about one brave young fundraiser helping to tackle the issue.

Since the start of lockdown the Matthew Project has seen an increase in the number of alcohol referrals in Norfolk, reflecting national trends. So when the message came in about this young person’s charity venture, I knew we had to get involved. Fourteen years old, grieving the loss of his Mum due to substance-related issues, yet wanting to raise funds for charity in her memory – that takes bravery and strength which needs to be acknowledged.
We’ve been told that since losing his Mum in June of this year, he’s found comfort in getting outside and walking. He wants to help other young people in Norfolk who have similar circumstances to his, so has chosen to fundraise for The Matthew Project.
At present, we are working with 153 young people (affected others) across the county who have parents or carers struggling with addiction. 
The feelings of isolation, fear, boredom and uncertainty that lockdown has presented, coupled with inability to access usual support networks, have made it a very difficult time for vulnerable people struggling with addiction. There downturn has led to an increase in the numbers of children we are supporting who are impacted by the substance misuse of others.
This is why it’s so important for us to continue reaching out to those that need us and to raise funds in order to do so.
This amazing young person will be walking on the August 25 at Wicken Fen National Trust, supported by a team of adults that have been working with him. We are asking for your donations to show him your support.
I may never meet this person face to face, but as a Mum of three teenage boys myself, I have nothing but admiration for what he’s doing. We at The Matthew Project are very grateful for this opportunity to share his story and wish him every success for the future.
To donate, please use the link above or visit our website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts to find out more.

Sarah King is fundraising and events officer at the Matthew Project

Image supplied by The Matthew Project

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