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A journey from self-centred to vision-centred

In her prayers for this week, Jill Gower from the Call to Prayer ministry invites us to see the opportunities ahead, so that we can help to bring forth something better.

Seeing the opportunity
Lord Jesus, You say in Your word: “My people perish from lack of vision.” Help us, Your people, to focus ahead, to see beyond the natural and to see events through the eyes of the Spirit. 
Help us, to see potential, to see opportunities, to embrace the skills and calling that You have placed on our lives.
Forgive us, Lord, when we look inwardly and grumble and complain about our lot in life, instead of rejoicing in the goodness of our God.  
We want to be those who “today hear Your voice” so that we can enter into the fullness You have for us.  Despite situations and circumstances, You are Lord, You are in control, You know all things and Your promise is to turn all things for good for those who believe in You.  
Help us to rejoice in what we have, and not what is currently lacking. Help us to see that others are going through far worse and to support them in our prayers and in whatever way You lead us to.
We declare that You came to give us fullness of life, and that life is not limited to physical circumstances but extends to the glory of Your Kingdom which has no end. 
We come before You now and join with the angelic host around the Throne of Grace and Mercy saying, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty who was, who is and who is to come.”
We choose to praise You, to declare Your glory. You are worthy to receive all honour and praise each and every day of our lives.
Birthing something better
Father God, in Your great mercy, we ask that as restrictions are lifted, you give great wisdom and common sense for us as the people of this nation to proceed cautiously and carefully.  
Give our politicians and those who are advising on Covid the ability to lead us sensibly in these things.
We bring before Your Throne those who are struggling financially, those who are fearful, those who are lonely, those who are in home situations which are very difficult and violent.  
We pray for children and young people who have been out of school, and maybe finding it difficult to cope with all that is happening to them right now.  
We pray for those who are suffering from mental health problems, and maybe can’t understand what is going on, and find that this situation is adding to their distress. Lord, we cry out to You on their behalf.
We pray that out of the trauma and these incredibly challenging times, You will bring forth something better, something of those things that matter in life: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
Turn this situation around, Lord, and help us to learn deep and life-changing lessons from this period.
We call all things into Your divine order, and align ourselves with Your timing and purpose for mankind.
We ask these things in Jesus’ Name. 
Image by Sofie Zborilová from Pixabay 

Eldred Willey, 15/06/2020

Published: 15/06/2020
Eldred Willey