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Christian author seeks to inspire Norfolk

Broadland author and musician Ian Boughton has compiled a book of inspirational quotations which is available for sale, and also available as a free download as an encouragement to Network Norfolk readers. Tony Rothe reports.

Ian Boughton 750CFIan Boughton, pictured right, is a musician and author and retired journalist who lives in Dilham in Norfolk. His latest book is called “Ya Ain't A Loser Till Ya Quits Tryin'!” which is based on a quotation from American football coach Mike Ditka, and is one of the many quotes in the book.
Ian says “I’m delighted to mark my birthday with the availability on Amazon of my booklet of inspirational and encouraging quotes... no, not mine, other far more important people who have said inspiring things!

“About twenty years ago I had the idea of a book of inspirational quotes and sayings which I had picked up. For some reason, the idea stalled, and all these years later I came across my notes and decided to publish. In a career which has been mostly notable for an endless succession of catastrophes, calamities, and collisions, interspersed with the occasional heroic failure, I have found that the wise words of others really can encourage me through the darkest periods. I do hope you find they encourage you, too.”   
The book has already been downloaded by church groups for house group discussions and by a trade association which has been sending out PDF copies to its closed-down members as an encouragement.
A USA reader commented “This is a gem of a book which has arrived at just the right moment. In the midst of a global pandemic, Ian Boughton, a gifted writer and musician, has assembled a number of short and inspirational quotes and sayings that represent voices from our past who provide us with the wisdom, humour, and fortitude to confront the challenges we now face. I enjoyed reading this inspiring book, a book I will refer to regularly as an antidote to these difficult times.”
“Ya Ain't A Loser Till Ya Quits Tryin'!” by Ian Boughton is available from Amazon as a paperback (£3.75) or Kindle edition (£2).
It is also available as a free pdf download here.

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