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How we can all pray together at Pentecost 

Jill Gower, Director of the Call to Prayer ministry at Fishergate in Norwich, invites us to join in a ten-day prayer leading up to Pentecost, and offers a resource.

In May 2016 the Archbishops of Canterbury and York launched a prayer initiative that has now gone global, based on the Lord’s Prayer and encouraging people to pray during the ten-day period between Ascension Day and Pentecost.  
In 2017 I felt led to write a booklet called His Kingdom Come to support this great call to prayer.  We had received such a wonderful feedback from our “blessing books” which incorporated Proclamations, Declarations, Scriptures, Prayer and Blessing. 
I felt led to use the Lord’s Prayer, broken down into ten days, each focusing on one part of this wonderful universal prayer that Jesus gave us. I also wanted to begin with focusing on our Lord and Saviour, so each day I start with a few sentences to bless and thank Him for what He has done.
His disciples, who were all Jewish, would have been very aware of the Hebraic prayer called the “Amidah”, and the outline is similar to what Jesus gave us to pray. I have included that in this booklet, and as we pray it from a Christian perspective it can be very powerful and enlightening to us. 
Some of the words contained in it are truly beautiful. For example, “the great, mighty and awesome God, the supreme God, who bestows bountiful kindness and creates everything.”
In addition I have given a more detailed explanation of each verse, as sometimes we can say it so automatically, when it is so good to meditate on each part.
When the Olympics were on, we saw how corporate prayer changed things, and over London there was such joy,  peace and love, which was even reported in newspapers at the time. God showed us His canopy over our Capital. We were amazed at how far our first booklet had gone during that time, as we covered the event, joining in with many other amazing prayer initiatives that were going on.  
Corporate prayer is so powerful and if our booklet “His Kingdom Come” would be helpful to those joining in this special time of prayer please go onto our website www.call2prayer.co.uk and you can order copies there. 

Image by Holger Schué from Pixabay 

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