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Gorleston church sets up community helpline

St Mary Magdalene Church in Gorleston has launched a helpline to offer help to those in the community particularly affected by the lockdown.

gorleston community helpline 5Those phoning the freephone number can receive practical help, eg collecting groceries or prescriptions, or just have a friendly chat. They can also submit requests for prayer.
Rev Matthew Price, vicar of St Mary Magdalene, explains:  “Obviously, we’ve been doing a lot of work in respect of the foodbank, but this new community helpline service recognises that there is other - possibly lower level - support that is also needed. 
“Especially as the lockdown continues, we recognise that there may be many who are feeling increasingly isolated and we are offering this freephone number for small items of practical support, but also if people just want to call and have a friendly chat with someone.  We’re also offering that we will pray for anything - or anyone - who the person is particularly concerned about.
"We’ve created a community helpline card which is being delivered to every household in the parish by a reputable delivery company so as not to breach CofE guidance about hand deliveries”.


Project title:       St Mary Magdalene Community Helpline

Run by:               St Mary Magdalene Church, Gorleston

Catchment area: Magdalen Estate, Gorleston and those areas within the parish that are outside of the estate                             (postcode NR31 7)
Address:             St Mary Magdalene Vicarage, 41 Nuffield Crescent, Gorleston NR31 7LL

Contact details:  0800 246 5571 (freephone)

What you can offer other projects:  Know-how regarding setting up a free-phone telephone number.                              Ongoing support to vulnerable people.

Prayer requests:  Please pray for the recipients as they receive the cards through the door; and that those                                 that could do with support do make use of the number. 
                             Pray for wisdom for those answering the phoneline as they seek to discern the best way to                                 support those who call. 
                             Pray for volunteers from the church family who are fulfilling any requests for practical help                                 that they would stay safe and well. 
                             Pray for the impact of the card being delivered and the offer of support being made on the                                 ongoing relationship between the church and the wider community.
website:               www.stmmgorleston.org.uk

Tony Rothe, 01/05/2020

Tony Rothe
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