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Lady Dannatt backs Christian Covid-19 initiative  

Lady Dannatt, the Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk has backed the new faithhopelovenorfolk initiative to help the Christian community across the county respond to the developing Covid-19 crisis.

FaithHopeLove shortLady Dannatt said: “Any initiative that spreads faith, hope and love across this glorious county of Norfolk of ours, is to be welcomed with open arms.
“It is my ongoing hope that we will emerge from this pandemic an even kinder, less judgemental and more inclusive society; communities respectful of others and even more appreciative of this fragile, but oh, so beautiful world we jointly inhabit. 
“Above all a thankful nation for all the gifts we receive and take so much for granted on a daily basis, when other nations lack even the basics to stay alive,” said Lady Dannatt.

A wide range of Christian leaders from across Norfolk have also backed the ecumenical project which aims to quickly gather information about, report on and publish a bank of stories and project profiles on Christian churches, organisations and groups which are stepping forward to help tackle social and pastoral needs in response to the Covid-19 crisis.
The new “faithhopelovenorfolk” digital resource has been backed by Transforming Norwich and is a response to the request from the Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk Lady Dannatt for faith groups to play their part in responding to the crisis.
Network Norfolk publisher Keith Morris said: “As an established online resource for the Norwich & Norfolk Christian community for 15 years now, and with a substantial existing audience, we are ideally placed to rapidly get this initiative up and running, with the help of our large network of contacts across the county.
“We would ask our readers to let us know what their church, group or organisation is doing to try to help our community deal with this unprecedented situation. We have heard about food and medicine delivery projects, telephone support networks, debt help, prayer initiatives, online training and connections and all types of support for the vulnerable. But we want to hear about many more which we are sure have started or are getting up and running right now.
“Don’t wait, but get in contact straight away as your great idea or support you can offer others is urgently needed,” said Keith.
Please send details to, ideally by downloading and filling in as much as you can of our Project Template, available here, plus a picture if possible.

The faithhopelovenorfolk project launch has been generously supported by Transforming Norwich, but if you wish to help us to continue and widen the initiative, please consider making a donation, details here.

Published: 16/04/2020