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Taking positives from Norfolk Christian football season 

The Norfolk Christian Football League has issued a plea for positive stories from its teams, despite no football currently being played, and league chairman Jim Green offers his own thoughts on what we can draw from the current season.

We're in the middle of a difficult time for football and things have changed so quickly. We have to acknowledge that we are in unprecedented times which make playing football seem less than important.
However, whatever is decided about this last season (see this article), if there is not a completed season, is there anything we can salvage from it?
Of course there is. We do not yet know what will be decided about league winners (we have lots of medals ready to give out, a penalty for being prepared and organised!), but that does not detract from all the good memories we will have about the season. 
Speaking from my memories of my playing days, what stood out? Most important for me was the warmth of being accepted and valued as part of a team. Next to that are the memories of action: diving at the feet of on-coming forward ( I was a goalkeeper!) was my favourite; catching a cross I didn’t expect to get.
What do we remember about this season? We would love to hear your stories, big or small, football related or more community focussed, especially if there are photos attached. We will produce a special report for the season for all divisions.
Remembering is vital to human life, and central in Christian faith. When Jesus set up a simple meal at the heart of following him, he said: “Do this in remembrance of me.”
This is not just nostalgia, it is a reminder of the love of God that we see in Jesus, a love rooted in experiencing all the pain life can throw up, but with a hope  of coming out the other side with a renewed awareness of the living God.
So please, send us your football memories of the season - and of past seasons if you like - as an act of faith and hope.
And in these difficult times, if there is anything you think we might be able to help with, let us know.
As far as the determining the season, League winners and the like, we are in contact with Norfolk FA and will let you all know as soon as possible.

Youth teams asked to send in social media stories

YouthFivesMay18StokeU12WinnersYouth secretary Alan Barnes says: “If each team could send through one or two positive stories from the season so far, we could compile this into something really good to go out on social media.
“Also - let's get creative!   Could you ask your team members to put together a short video clip from their garden or house.  Maybe it could be a short skill session, using a ball and garden items, or even furniture if it's indoors.  If they're able to send to us, but also to share with the #weonlydopositive or #norfolkfootballstayspositive  and to make mention of the Norfolk Christian League.
“Stay safe everyone and we look forward to hearing your stories and seeing some videos.”
Send your stories to:

Published: 28/03/2020