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Living intentionally with God’s support

Ruth Lilley is determined to live her life with greater purpose this year, and is relying on God to help her achieve this.

This year already seems to be speeding by - I can’t quite believe we have passed the half-way mark in January. At the beginning of this year I resolved that I would be more intentional in the way I lived out my life. So, for example, I would try to be more intentional in showing grace, kindness, gentleness and patience to my children.
Also, I would be more intentional in being organised. This is particularly necessary as I have just gone back to working full-time! There are other things I have decided I will be more intentional about and I have a list that I keep referring to and adding to. Each day, I try to remind myself about being intentional.
What does intentional mean? The world wide web tells us that when we are intentional, we are behaving with purpose, with meaning, doing something that is planned. For me, it is also about being thoughtful and dedicated, and I truly believe that being intentional is something that will take determination and practice.
I am discovering it involves a change in mindset. If I am to be steadfast in choosing to live with purpose, I have to be rooted in truth. I recently read the parable about the wise and foolish builders (Matthew 7:24-27) and was reminded of how I should allow the truth of God to be my foundation. To know that I am loved with an outrageous Love that gave it’s all for me. To believe that I am a child of God and no one can take that away from me.
See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! 1 John 3:1 (NIV)
In receiving this love and allowing it to become the truth on which I stand, enables me to live intentionally. This can happen because God’s love becomes my security. By knowing and believing that I am safe in God’s arms, I find strength. Therefore, when the waves crash down and the stormy winds blow, I can still resolve to live intentionally; I am still able to choose purposeful and meaningful ways. Initially, I might wobble, however, with the help of the Holy Spirit, living within, I can reset my thinking and re-align it with the Truth.
So, how do I do this? Well, I believe I have to be intentional about prioritising time with God too. Finding space in each day to read God’s word and pray. To plan my time with God and guard it. Also, as the parable tells us, to not only hear these words but also put them into practice…living intentionally.

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ruth starkings 150CFRuth Lilley has recently returned to teaching at an infant school in Norwich. She also enjoys writing, and writes a regular blog calledWith Every Sun Comes A New Day.’

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