Vicar back from USA for Norwich book launch 

A former Norwich vicar, and now inter-faith pastor in Colorado, has returned to the city from the USA this week to help launch his new book Living the Life Force ... and Finding Your Own Way to Do It. Keith Morris reports.

Rev Nicholas Vesey was at the Revelation Resource Centre in Norwich on Wednesday evening (January 8) to sign copies and read some book extracts to a sizeable and appreciative audience.
Nicholas led St Luke’s and St Augustine’s church in Norwich for 13 years, before he left for the mountain ski resort of Aspen in the Rockies in 2014, with his wife Heather and two young children, to work as an interfaith pastor at Aspen Chapel.
“The book is about exploring the nature of perspective,” writes Nicholas: “I suggest that it is possible to have a perspective that includes all life as we know it and some that we do not. Having such a perspective enables us to act in a way that is appropriate not only to ourselves but also to our families, our friends, all of humanity and the planet itself. This perspective includes the whole universe, both known and unknown. And in the acting out of that perspective I want to suggest that we are able to have a positive effect on everything.
“Living the Life Force is to me the ultimate challenge. Is there a Life Force we can tap into and if so what part do we have to play in all of it? At every moment we are faced with forks in the road and decisions as to which path to take. The big question is on which basis do we make those decisions? What is our perspective and what is our purpose? That is what this book explores.”
Speaking in Norwich, Nicholas said the book is not written from a directly Christian perspective but from the perspective of someone sitting on a yoga-mat and wondering about life and thinking “I am doing all this stuff, so how does it all fit together and is there an order to it all?”, but there are Christian references included.
Talking about his move to the US, Nicholas said: “To some extent I went to America for religious freedom in that in the Church of England it is very much bound up in the whole story of church and state. You have to tell it in the whole nature of salvation linked to church and priests. In America, particularly where I am, I am able to be much more open in what I am doing, to really explore things from a mystical perspective and I really appreciate that.
“So much of the faith community is trying to prove how truthful and right their individual faith is. I think if we are able to ask questions about what we can learn from other faiths, rather than trying to prove ourselves right, then it might give us a greater sense of coming together. Asking what can I learn from Buddhists or Muslims or what is the wisdom that drives them that I could bring into my faith?

"I am still very much a robe-wearing Christian priest but I have learnt to ask more questions since I have been in America rather than trying to define myself by what I believe.
“When you live in the Rocky Mountains your world view expands because you can just see for miles and miles,” said Nicholas.
Living the Life-Force: ...and Finding Your Own Way to Do It, is available in paperback for £10.99 at Revelation or online at
Or a Kindle edition is available on Amazon
Pictured above is Rev Nicholas Vesey launching his new book at Revelation in Norwich.
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Published: 10/01/2020