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Norwich Christian returns changed after Watoto visit 

Rebecca Lake, a 22-year old Christian student from Norwich, has returned from two weeks volunteering with the Baby Watoto project in Uganda with a new perspective on faith and life.

Becca Lake (22) first heard about the work of Watoto when the Watoto Children’s Choir visited her home church, Proclaimers, a few years ago.  Since that time, she has been sponsoring a child in Uganda and this month had the opportunity to visit her and volunteer with the Baby Watoto project.

Baby Watoto cares for abandoned babies and toddlers aged between 0 and 2, doing everything possible to give them the best start in life. Becca, who is from Norwich and studies at the University of Worcester, volunteered as part of the Watoto’s Global team initiative. 
Based in Kampala, Becca had the opportunity to visit the slums and some of the mothers who were living in poverty. Becca said: “I got to hear their stories, pray with them and bless them with food and a care package.

“One of the most touching stories I heard was from a mother with a two-year old son. He was HIV-positive and recently diagnosed with TB. The mother is caring for him after recovering from surgery herself. She was unable to give him the TB medicine he required because she didn’t have food for him to take it with. We blessed her with a food care package so she was able to give him the medicine he needed. We gave another lady the same food package after we heard her story. To our surprise she took some of the food given to her, and gave it to the previous lady because she knew the son was ill. This truly amazed all of us, it reminded me of the story Jesus told about the poor lady giving away her two coins; she had nothing yet gave away the biggest gift.”

Becca continued: “I am truly changed after witnessing all that I have over the past two weeks, I have never experienced God in such a powerful way. It has made me realise how blessed I am to be living in England with all that we get and take advantage of.”

Another highlight for Becca was being able to meet the child she has been sponsoring for the last three years.  She said: “I was able to see her three times in the two weeks, and go to school with her.  It was exciting to see how the sponsorship programme works and how many children can look forward to a better future thanks to the support they are getting from around the world.”

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