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The Family Table explores faith through music

Norfolk based Christian music duo Sarah Ballard and Ben Lawrence have brought together their love of folk music in a collection of songs that explore faith, love, family and life. There is an opportunity for churches and groups to host a small concert.

Having spent their music careers across a large variety of genres and styles, Sarah and Ben joined forces last year and began collaborating. Ben, a film-maker, brings his passion for storytelling through his thought provoking lyrics. Sarah, brings her folky flutes and violins. To mark the release of the EP 'Conversations Around The Family Table', they have also released a music video for Home, the first track on the EP. Click here to view it:

Ben said, “We want the songs and spoken word on the EP to challenge people to stop and have a proper conversation, to invite someone round and enjoy time together sitting around the table. We work with a lot of young people and see so many home situations where a family don’t come together at mealtimes anymore. Everyone is too busy, or has their head in their technology. Yet - it’s when we sit around the table, meeting our need for food, that we really get to know each other. It’s where friendships are deepened and loneliness is eased. Jesus loved to sit around the meal table with people. We want to encourage people to do the same.”

The group are planning a series of small, intimate concerts across East Anglia with dates already booked in Aylsham, Attleborough, Fakenham and Huntingdon. The mini tour “Conversations On The Road” will see them being hosted in peoples homes, churches and small venues, sharing their songs and stories. For more information on these concerts, you can find the events page on their facebook page:

Ben and Sarah are still looking for more hosts - particularly in North Norfolk and West Norfolk. If you’d like to find out more about hosting an event, contact them via their website:

The E.P. is available to stream and download:

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C.D’s are available directly from The Family Table (website or facebook page). 

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