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Norwich Christian Picnic Project feeds thousands 

Last year Norwich Christian youth charity ENYP says it fed almost 8,400 people and estimates that this year it will reach even more.

By the end of 2018, ENYP had fed 8390 people, distributed 1298 picnic bags of food, delivered 134 Christmas hampers and 633 people attended outreach meals. In the first three months of 2019, almost 2000 people have been fed (800 of them children), and 350 picnic bags of food have been delivered.
Danny Doran-Smith, ENYP Director and Pioneer Minister, said: "Our work brings us into the forefront of the challenges faced in local communities and how on a daily basis there is often a struggle to meet life's basic needs. We have the privilege of supporting people by providing them with food, and helping to feed children and their families. Thousands benefited from the project last year, and as the needs are ever prevalent we expect the number of beneficiaries to exceed this during 2019."
One of ENYP’s projects, called the Picnic Project, focuses on feeding people and reaching out to people. ENYP has partnerships with Tescos, Sainsburys, Pizza Hut and Nandos, alongside local partners and suppliers, including Norwich Foodbank and Bernard Matthews, who came on board to support a Christmas hamper project. 
Fresh fruit, vegetables, chicken, pizza and bakery items are collected by ENYP each week to be used as a basis to provide meals for vulnerable families and individuals, deliver community outreach meals, and provide ‘picnic’ bags of fruit and vegetables to help families in crisis. 
Danny said: “We anticipate that the number of people we will reach this year will surpass our 2018 figures, and we are looking to partner with other organisations who can contribute towards the project.  If you are able to provide healthy food or non-consumables we would love to hear from you.”
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