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Where will Jesus be this Christmas?

Paulo Mussi urges us to include Jesus in our Christmas party.

Christmas is a special date in the Christian calendar, like so many other special days where we choose a date to celebrate, to remember, to value, to honour. For example, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Remembrance Day, and various others that vary depending on the culture.
I must confess that I'm not much of a fan of these days. It seems that we celebrate the date in the calendar and present everything we feel, but then, for many people, think we have done our duty and we are free to ignore them the other days of the year.
I'd rather spread some of that recognition and values across every day. This is very personal, and I confess that I struggle a little with this thought, because I know how easy it is to forget, when we get involved in the rush of life, in the day to day of our existence. Even simple things like contacting those we love and are far away. So, although I do not like the special days very much, I try to value them.
Christmas is the moment in which we celebrate the birth of Him who, being Almighty God, became man and dwelt among us, to give himself up on a cross, to die for our sins and to rescue us from the darkness to give us eternal life with Him. Yes, at Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
I think back to the true feeling and motivation that permeates our hearts on this date. One day in the year when we should be attentive and ready to share the wonderful message we have received in Jesus - the Good News of salvation. In fact, we should do this every day.
For a few weeks, now, I have seen several shops ready for the party and with various objects of decoration for our houses, supermarkets with traditional food promotions, lights on the streets and on the trees, special prices for gifts and toys ... but ... in none of them did I see the name of Jesus, or any clue about His participation in this party.
Where will Jesus be this Christmas? I would like to get you thinking about how we could use this moment, on such a special date, to remind others of the true reason for the party – showing Jesus as the real meaning of Christmas.

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PauloMussi 750cfPaulo Mussi is a Brazilian missionary, and Church and Community Minister from Mousehold Hub, part of Norwich Central Baptist Church.

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