First for Archbishop at Norwich book reading 

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby took part in a book reading chaired by Bishop Graham and hosted by Steve Foyster, manager of Revelation Christian resource centre in Norwich during his visit to the city on November 7.

Archbishop Justin read a brief extract from his book Re-Imagining Britain that highlighted those aspects of our contemporary culture which put us all under increased strain and impact upon the mental health of the nation in a variety of ways.

“This is a first for me. I’ve never read aloud from my own book before. There are many, many better books than this,” he said. “The first book I published, someone asked the question why should we read your book and I said I don’t know, I don’t think it’s very good. The journalist said, ‘you haven’t done this before have you?!'”

Reading aloud from his book, Archbishop Justin said: “This is a time of revolution both in the acceptance and in the treatment of mental health problem.”

Steve Foyster then read an extract from the Archbishop’s daughter, Katherine Welby-Robert’s, book I Thought There Would be Cake, that particularly resonated with him. Through his own personal history, Revelation has developed a strong association with issues surrounding mental health. It provides a welcome space for health professionals and members of the general public in which to learn, debate or simply to be heard concerning things such as depression, suicide, self-harm and the state of mental health support in this country.

Pictured above is Archbishop Justin reading from his new book at Revelation in Norwich.

Published: 09/11/2018