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Finding God in the waves

Ruth Starkings has been to the seaside, and has been reminded of the might and constancy of God.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've spent quite a lot of time at the seaside. The majority of the time it was very grey and little of the seaside could be seen. However, on my last visit, the sky was blue and bright. Being there just made everything OK. 
Why is it so easy to let the ebb and flow of the tide soothe everything OK? I find it quite freeing, just sitting there, almost mesmerised by the constant, rhythmical movement of the waves. 
Perhaps it is just that. It's easy to fix on the waves as they move forth and back, forth and back. It is almost as though I get lost in them - everything else just pales into insignificance and, in that moment, everything is OK. The steady, continual flow of something so capricious, somehow brings security. 
So, which is it? Freedom or security? For me, watching the waves flow brings to my mind constancy, faithfulness, strength and might. It reminds me of the Hands that hold me. Hands that are constant, faithful, full of strength and might. From that comes freedom. As I journey on, taking each new step into what is unknown, I can choose...

...freedom to try, even though I might fail
...freedom to love, even though I might lose
...freedom to achieve, even though the climb is tough
...freedom to hope, even though it might hurt. 
The stakes seem high and surely it would make sense just to choose the easy path and maybe what might be seen as the safer path. Yet, if I chose not to try, love, achieve, hope and all the other things that come with brave steps, then how will I grow? If I dare not fly, then how will I discover that, when I fall, there is always One there to catch me? God's unfailing love is my security. His grace is my safety net, that bounces me back up onto my feet, ready to try again. 
Just as the ebb and flow of the waves continues on, so too can I. As the movement of the sea remains constant, so do the Hands that hold me. I may be changeable, just as the power of the sea is changeable. However, there is One who is not changeable, One who is faithful and for that I am so thankful. The One in whom I find security and also the strength to fly. The One who makes me brave. 

Psalm 18:16, 18-19
‘He reached down from on high and took hold of me;
    he drew me out of deep waters.
…the Lord was my support.
He brought me out into a spacious place;
    he rescued me because he delighted in me.’

The photo above is courtesy of Ruth Starkings.



ruth starkings 150CFRuth Starkings is the Family Worker at Meadow Way Chapel in Hellesdon. She also enjoys writing, and just over a year ago started a blog called ‘With Every Sun Comes A New Day.’

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