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Norwich author's b
ook on forgiveness packs a punch

Norwich author John Piercy who, with his Polish wife Krystyna, has travelled over 105,000 miles in mercy ministries to help very old and disabled survivors of the Holocaust at Auschwitz, has written a very practical new book on the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation, called ‘No Better Way.’ Mike Wiltshire reports.

Written for people of faith – or none – the book draws on their experiences during 29 mercy missions to Hungary, each one a journey of around 3,600 miles. “Every one of these mercy missions was a miracle,” says John.

As Christians, he and Krystyna felt led to do mission work in Hungary – and discovered “the incredible need” for medical supplies among elderly war victims, especially those being helped by the Jewish Hospital in Budapest, founded in 1802. To assist in much-needed care, John and Krystyna set up the Norfolk-based Shalom Habakkuk Trust.

John, a former maths teacher and Krystyna, who speaks five languages, first met as trainee teachers at King’s College, London. Their home today is at Stoke Holy Cross, near Norwich.

John’s seventh book is written with clarity and humour, and it shows how costly but life-changing forgiveness can be.  The book packs a punch and includes true stories of the loss and pain that result from failing to practice forgiveness. It tackles tough subjects, such as ‘What if the person we forgive won’t reciprocate?’     

The book includes more than 40 black and white photos and is written in a way that invites readers to dip into the pages at any point and be reminded of the enormous importance of practicing forgiveness.

“Forgiveness is good for you,” says John. “And so is reconciliation. I’ve written this book to encourage these attitudes which are crucial for positive and healthy living.”   

The 82-page book, ‘No Better Way’ is available for a £5 donation in support of the Shalom Habbakuk Trust.

For details, contact John Piercy on 07943 836530 or email john_piercy@hotmail.com  
Pictured above is Norwich author John Piercy and his wife Krystyna.

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