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Dessert-only restaurant gives boost to Norwich foodbank

Norwich's award-winning dessert-only restaurant Figbar has announced that it is donating £1 to Norwich foodbank for every one sold of Chef Jaime Garbutt’s signature plated dessert, Snickers.

Figbar, the awardwinning dessert-only restaurant, owned by chef Jaime Garbutt (pictured), on St John Maddermarket in Norwich has announced their collaboration with Norwich foodbank.   For each plate of Snickers sold – a dessert of salted butter caramel, peanut parfait and chocolate mousse –£1 will be donated to Norwich foodbank.
Norwich foodbank provides crisis food parcels to thousands of people across the Greater Norwich area every year. As an independent, family business, Figbar is delighted to be supporting this charity that has helped so many local neighbours, including thousands of children.
Figbar owner and chef, Jaime Garbutt, said: “Now, in having a young family of my own, the fear of a crisis can be crippling. We are so happy to be able to support the Norwich foodbank who assist so many in need. Giving back to the community is part of what makes Norwich such a special place and fosters the community-minded spirit that makes us so proud to be residents here.”
Norwich foodbank Project Manager Hannah Worsley said: “We hear a lot of our donors say ‘there but the grace of God go I’, on the understanding that they might be in a position to give today, but in the future they might be in need.
“This collaboration between Figbar and ourselves, bridges the gap between those who can afford a little luxury and those who can’t - it’s such a brilliant idea and we’re very grateful for this partnership! We hope others around our city and further afield, partnering with their local foodbank, might be inspired to do something similar.”
Adds Chef Garbutt’s wife and co-owner of Figbar, Stephanie Garbutt, “In opening a family business, we wanted to foster a lifestyle for our children (daughters Ella, 3, and Ariele, 1) that demonstrated the importance of community.  Both Jaime and I grew up in families where food, specifically the dinner table, brought everyone together. We hope that in our partnership with the Norwich foodbank, we are able to play a small part in making sure that special feeling of coming together over a meal never has to be taken away from anyone.”
Figbar won the Best Newcomer in the Eastern Daily Press Food & Drink Awards 2017.  It is located at 23 St John Maddermarket, Norwich, NR2 1DN.

Published: 08/03/2018