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Norfolk Christian group launches online shop 

Call to Prayer has launched an online shop where booklets, CDs and DVDs of Bible teaching from the group are available to buy online for the first time.

Resources produced by the group - that have already impacted many people - are available to purchase using PayPal or debit/credit card.
Click here to visit the website

Lent booklet

The booklet ‘Keep Blessing your Community’ may be of particular interest for use during Lent.  This is a 40-day guide of declarations, blessings and prayers to speak over your city, street, town or village, based on the names of God.  Jill Gower from Call to Prayer said, "We have had very encouraging testimonies from people who have seen their communities impacted and changed  for the better as a result of using these booklets, which have gone all over the country and beyond just by word of mouth!"

CDs of teaching series

A good selection of box sets of Jill Gower’s teaching can be found in the shop, giving fresh insights into the scriptures and helping us see the relevance to what is happening in the world now and how we can respond.  A sample CD of a series of three on The Bride of Christ can be found and listened to on the website. Click here to listen to The Bride of Christ teaching

Call to Prayer would like to discover if it would be useful for people to access these resources on MP3 CDs which would retail at half the price of the box sets, being less expensive to produce.  These can only be played on a PC or laptop, or certain CD players. We will be offering Jill’s teaching on ‘The Court of Heaven’ from last term on MP3 disks – please enquire if this would be of interest to you. Contact admin@call2prayer.co.uk

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