Catch a revival glimpse with inspirational film in Norwich

Norwich revival group Transforming the Atmosphere will screen an inspirational film, An Appalachian Dawn, on January 15 to demonstrate what real revival can be like.

An Appalachian Dawn will be shown at the next session of Transforming the Atmosphere on Monday 15th January, 7.30pm, at the House of Prayer, in Fishergate, Norwich.
Working with a fresh focus since Dr Alistair Petrie made his third visit to Norwich last summer, some important strategic prayer initiatives are being launched at the regular third Monday evening monthly meetings of ‘Transforming the Atmosphere’. They will be explored in greater detail, month by month, as 2018 unfolds.
These prayers are inspired by information gained from the fairly recent experiences of the people of Manchester, Kentucky, USA, who found their whole city and region utterly transformed by a distinct work of God.
This is one recent example of what Alistair has often referred to as a genuine “city-wide transformational revival”. Manchester had been dubbed “Gunchester” and it felt like a city without hope. Since 63 church leaders came together in prayer and supported a march of witness with a statement of public confession, God began to work powerfully. It is now officially renamed “Manchester: City of Hope”, and wonderful changes have taken place.
“Most of us will have our own idea of what revival is or might be like”, said Rev Nigel Fox. “Until I had the personal privilege of meeting Doug and Linda Abner, who were at the centre of that Manchester Revival, I really didn’t understand how wide and deep it genuinely can be. If you’re anything like me, your own concept may also be far too narrow or too small!”
As Doug himself simply put it, “God changed everything”.
“More than any second-hand insights can offer, we are sure the film will convey a much clearer first-hand feel of city-wide transformational revival. It is a great opportunity to hear inspiring testimonies from those whose lives were so deeply touched by God, and see how utter ‘hopelessness’ can be gloriously overturned.”
All are welcome to attend and have hearts stirred.
For further details, please contact the House of Prayer: 01603 920074 or E:
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