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Alistair challenges Norwich leaders on city's destiny 

Civic, business and Christian leaders from across greater Norwich were challenged to help make it a city of destiny and transformation, by international speaker Rev Dr Alistair Petrie, at the Chapel on Fellowes Plain earlier today (July 31).

Alistair is Executive Director of Partnership Ministries, a global ministry that teaches the principles and relevance of the Gospel and its relationship to the marketplace. It is positioned as a ministry for the 21st Century Church and combines prayer and research in order to prepare communities, cities, nations, and the marketplace for lasting revival, authentic transformation and the release of Kingdom culture.

He has been working with Norwich Christians and churches over the past three years to this effect.

Biddy Collyer, who represents a group of individuals from various churches who invited Alistair to the city, said: “We gathered together people who represent different secular authorities from across the city and county, including the High Sheriff of Norfolk, the leader of Norwich City Council, farmers, solicitors, educationalists, business people, some are Christians others probably not. The purpose was for them to hear from Alistair how cities across the world have been transformed when Christians come together with those working in different sectors of society.”  

Alistair told his breakfast audience about his experiences of working with up to 800 cities across the world with societal transformation.

“When we have seen profound societal change there has always been a unique partnership between churches and various secular authorities such as the Police,” he said.

“In any city when the people begin to cry out to God, even if they are really not sure who he is, you will see that a city can change for the better.

“We are in a moment of shift here in Norwich. The promise of the Scriptures is that God says catch my heart for your city and I will improve your ecology, your economy, your security, your resourcing, innovation and I will give you break-throughs as a city,” said Alistair.

“My challenge is are you willing and watching for that? It is my joy to be with you and thank you for what you do in the city of Norwich – a city of history, a city of distinctiveness and a city of destiny.”

Alistair will be with various Christian groups and churches until August 6 and the highlight of his visit is a two-day conference at the House of Prayer in Norwich on Friday and Saturday, starting at 10am. Alistair will be leading participants through the importance of “The Fear of the Lord”.  This will be a combination of teaching and implementation through times of prayer. 

For further information on the conference, please contact Biddy Collyer on biddycollyer@hotmail.com 07749508207 or Jill Gower on jill@call2prayer.co.uk 07890132362

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Pictured above is Alistair Petrie addressing city leaders at The Chapel, Fellowes Plain in Norwich.

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