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Norfolk chief highlights over 50s alcohol abuse 

Norfolk drug and alcohol support charity, the Matthew Project, is looking to tackle the increasing national problem of people aged 50 and over living with alcohol abuse.


Paul Martin, the Matthew Project chief executive, is appealing to work alongside organisations in contact with older people to support individuals affected by the addiction.
Paul, who is speaking at today’s Norfolk Council on Ageing conference in Norwich, hosted by Age UK Norfolk, said: “The national trend is for increasing alcohol use in older people. A lot of services are directed at younger working people.
“We want to talk about the stigma of alcohol problems. Older people don’t like going to groups as much as younger people. They might want someone to visit them at home rather than go to a medical centre.
“Across the whole population, alcohol affects us more than drugs. In Norfolk we are one of the higher areas for alcohol consumption because we have a large older community which is going to grow and we are not seeing many of these people coming forward for help from the main services. We want to redesign these services,” said Paul.
He wants the Matthew Project to work with GP surgeries and councils.

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