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Cyclists ride Land’s End to Lowestoft for Eaton church

A team of cyclists rode 500 miles from Land’s End, the most westerly point of the UK mainland, to Ness Point in Lowestoft, the most easterly point, to raise money for Christ Church, Eaton.

An intrepid team of cyclists from Christ Church, Eaton set off on Monday, June 19 from Land’s End, the most westerly point of the mainland, and cycled throughout the week arriving at Ness Point in Lowestoft, the most easterly point, on Saturday, June 24.

The sponsored ride has so far raised over £800, which will go towards Christ Church, Eaton’s fundraising projects to upgrade their building's facilities.

Rosalind Wright from Christ Church, Eaton said: “Despite travelling in very high temperatures at the beginning of the week, getting lost in Devon and nearly colliding with the Glastonbury crowds during the festival weekend, Christ Church riders Nick Woodall and David Vaughan succeeded in cycling almost 100 miles per day, over 500 in total and arrived on schedule at Lowestoft at the end of the week.

“They were joined by Nick Vaughan for the last leg of the journey, from Cambridge and by their families at the end.”

The route carried the riders first from Land's End to Lostwithel, then over Dartmoor to Exeter on Day Two. On the third day they rode to Fome before setting off for Oxford on Day Four.  On Day Five the riders went from Oxford to Cambridge and the final leg involved the riders setting off early from Cambridge to arrive at Ness Point on Day Six.

You can still donate to the fund by clicking here.  

Photo: Nick Woodall (left), Nick Vaughan (centre) and David Vaughan (right) celebrating, at the end of their successful ride.

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