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Ex-Norfolk dentist extracts fine humour in latest book 

Well-known Norfolk author, blogger and storyteller Dr Barrie Lawrence is taking readers on a James Bond-fuelled journey in his new title Licensed to Drill - Dentist on the Loose!", writes Kevin Gotts.

LicensedToDrillCover350Cleverly playing on the credentials of the legendary British spy, Barrie has weaved an adventure with anecdotes and intrigue from stories across some 40 years’ service as a dental surgeon.
Barrie, pictured above, almost seems to take on a Bond persona after qualifying, following the facetious remark from his senior registrar, "Lawrence has qualified. That's like letting a monkey loose with a pistol."  Soon he was sounding suave and lethal, "It's 006, licensed to drill", aided by the last three digits of his credit card reading 006 and attracting comments, "Going off on any adventures? Yes; this very afternoon. Goldentooth".  Strikingly he is a Bond aficionado and has followed and travelled to many of the films' locations. 
This is book number five and the third which is light, dental anecdotal. Besides humour, Barrie delves deeper into the history of and his everyday workings of dentistry to reinforce his stories of Heroes, Villains and Memorable Others - all written in his engaging and entertaining style.
The tooth sleuth tells of a surprise find in a farmer’s mouth during a routine X-ray and asks, “Have you been shot? With a gun that is?”  With wide-eyed amazement he responded, “Cor, how do you know that?  It was a glancing off shot from a blighter firing out of the trees some ten years ago?”
The movie “Goldeneye” helped ignite requests from customers looking to use gold as a material for restoring teeth and for others to display a glint of gold.  His training tour to the old Soviet Union showed the excesses of upper front teeth crowned with gold and being “followed by our faithful KGB tail.  I kept my mouth shut”, Barrie confesses.
He has a moral compass reinforced by his Christian faith, and like Bond is hospitable to all he comes across including certain villains, “Some were charming and some were certainly not.  Watch out.” 
This book will be loved by his growing following of loyal readers.  And for those new to Barrie’s writings, go and treat yourself to a fill of entertaining and amusing stories from behind the dental practice doors.
Available from Jarrolds, www.amazon.co.uk and all good bookshops.

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