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People healed and saved on the streets of Norwich 

Dozens of people experienced healing and encounters with God following a We Owe the World an Encounter with God event organised at NCBC in Norwich on June 9. David Elverson reports. 

Around 150 people from across East Anglia experienced an evening of worship, intercession and evangelism, organised by Global Legacy and the Bethel Network. People were given the choice to go onto the streets as a member of nine teams to share the love and power of Jesus, or to stay in the church to worship, intercede for what was happening on the streets and hear a talk from Soul Church pastor Jon Norman on the need for the church to rise up and win the lost.
Around 70 people joined the teams on the streets.  They were out on the streets for less than two hours and came back to share testimony of what God had done through them.
The fruit was incredible.  In less than two hours there were 25 people who gave their lives to Jesus and over 40 people who experienced healing.  Many many more were prayed for and encountered God.
The majority of the people who went onto the streets had never done it before.  They saw God at work in such a real and powerful way. 
As well as people coming to know Jesus, so many were touched by his love - planting a seed for the future. 
One street team reported: "We met and prayed for a new believer who wanted to give up smoking. I told him how much Jesus wanted to help him and that I would pray that his body would begin to reject the cigarettes. I declared to his chest and lungs to start retching when he next took a drag. Two puffs later and he was bent double over a flowerbed! He was extremely grateful."
We want to keep the momentum of this going so more people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and therefore this will become a monthly occurrence.  If you want to know more details so you can get involved then contact Dave Elverson -
Pictured above are people from the street teams queuing up to share the testimonies of what they saw God do on the streets.

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