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Worship event Burn relaunches in Norwich 

Non-stop worship and prayer event Burn was re-launched in Norwich on April 21 with UK director JJ Waters at the event and new organisers  at the helm.

By Helen Baldry

After a break over winter, Norwich Burn was relaunched on April 21 at the House of Prayer on Fishergate in Norwich. The non-stop worship movement Burn 24/7 focuses on the greatest commandment to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. (Matt 22:37) It is an international movement, with hundreds of ‘furnaces’ across the world hosting monthly, weekly or sometimes daily sessions of non-stop worship, prayer and adoration.

Burn enables people to encounter God in new ways and without interruption. The atmosphere feels very different to a church service, and it is much more freeing. Although worship is led by musicians, there are no words on a screen and the songs are very fluid and easy to join in. It is as if there are no barriers to entering God’s presence and people are free to sing, dance, sit, read the bible and pray and talk to each other.

Extended periods of worship mean it is easy to drop in and out of the event - a typical burn is between 4 and 12 hours long. The re-launch in Norwich lasted for four hours and it was open to anybody; some children even joined in during the early part of the evening.

A live video of the evening was recorded on the Facebook page and gives a taste of what to expect. Future Burns will be advertised on the Facebook page.

Deborah and Phil Goldstone have taken over the organisation of Burn in Norwich from Zac and Hannah Wells.

Deborah said, “We welcome all believers from any denomination to come together as we meet once a month for extended times of worship in various locations. We believe that as we give Jesus the first place, we will see His presence transform Norwich and Norfolk.”
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Pictured above: Deborah and Phil Goldston with Zac and Hannah Wells

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