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Norwich Cathedral's finances in a healthy state 

As the Church of England announces a review of the running of cathedrals across the country, with some facing financial crises, Norwich’s Anglican Cathedral has revealed it is bucking the trend.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York set up a Cathedrals Working Group, CWG, in response to a request made by the Bishop of Peterborough after recent financial difficulties at its cathedral led to the departure of the dean. A number of other high-profile cathedrals are also facing deficits.
Norwich Cathedral is in a much healthier financial state, running an annual surplus of around £20,000, though in its end of year accounts for 2016 it registered a surplus of £560,000 because of funds raised for some special projects. These include £1.8m raised to completely overhaul the Cathedral’s lighting with a new carbon-friendly LED system which also shows off the 900-year-old building to its best effect as well as being much cheaper to run.
Under the leadership of its dean, the Very Rev Dr Jane Hedges, Norwich cathedral received an income of £4.6m to the year ending in March 2016, with £1.7m coming from the rent of a large portfolio of property it owns in The Close around the cathedral.
A further £662,657 came from donations, £111,432 from congregational collections, and more than £38,000 from the visitor donation boxes.
The Very Rev Hedges said: “It is a very healthy position, but the important thing to remember is that when you are managing quite a lot of money, you have a big responsibility to make sure you look after it well.
“And we know we cannot be complacent, because we are dealing with a 900-year-old building, you never know what could happen. There is a vulnerability around these ancient buildings.”
In the year ending March 2016, the cathedral paid £1.3m on the upkeep of the cathedral building and its precincts.
More than £100,000 went towards security and garden upkeep. A further £826,351 was spent on the ministry, of which £204,709 went on clergy stipends, pensions and accommodation. The cathedral employs around 70 people.
Pictured above, Norwich’s Anglican Cathedral, ©Paul Hurst.

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