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Slippers and Stars – God cares about cold feet!

slippers 570CFRuth Tong has been marvelling at the wonders of creation, and the way God cares for us, even in the small details.

‘Who has first given to Me that I should repay him? What ever is under the whole Heaven is Mine’ Job 41 : 11
I live in the middle of the beautiful Norfolk countryside, miles away from traffic and lights and noise. I regularly see Muntjac deer, woodpeckers, and of course ducks in my garden. I love living so close to nature - it never fails to inspire me and I know I am incredibly blessed.
One night recently, I looked out over the fields from an upstairs window and was blown away by the brightness of the moon and stars. It honestly looked as though our back garden had been floodlit like a football pitch. It was into this wonder and awe that my cold feet made themselves known. Now just hold that thought.
For those of you who read my blog, you’ll know that I’m not the most streamlined person. I usually have about 5 things on the go at any one time and am usually therefore in constant communication with God asking Him to help me find my glasses, car keys, bit of paper where I wrote that phone number etc. The reason this is of any significance is that more and more often my marvellous Heavenly Father answers my prayers even before I’ve prayed them. Okay, back to that thought you were holding!
As I reluctantly closed the curtain, and before I’d thought “I wonder where I left my slippers?”, a beam of light illuminated their presence. I felt God showed me His phenomenal creative majesty, His magnitude and fearful glory, only to contrast this with the fact He’s my Heavenly Daddy who cared that my feet were cold. This is beautiful in itself, but leading up to this event I’d been unwell for some weeks and had struggled with unpleasant symptoms that seemed to be my new normal. In the frustration and drudge of my suffering I’d lost focus of who’s I was. In a moment, God reminded me...
‘He doesn’t willingly bring affliction on the children of men’ Lamentations 3 : 33
Put simply - For those of you experiencing trials and tribulations, be encouraged - He who made the stars sees you. He cares deeply and He’s got your slippers, His touch of gentle kindness waiting for you – you just haven’t seen it yet!

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Ruth TongRuth Tong is the Coordinator of Women’s Ministries at Eternity Downham Market, and is the author of ‘Love Drops from Heaven’.  Ruth regularly blogs at ruthtong.com/blog


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